There-s no reason to settle for a pair of socks that doesn-t offer you the support you need. At Burlix, we-re committed to design and make socks that complement the activities and lifestyle of our customers, which is why we came up with 6 sock categories.

Our dress socks are specifically tailored to be worn in social or work events. To ensure maximum comfort, these socks are designed not to sag, bunch, or twist. They-re available in classic patterns and solid colors, making it easy to pair them with business or formal attire. Our moving socks, on the other hand, uses the wearer-s body heat to optimize energy and stamina. These are ideally worn while exercising or doing physically challenging tasks.

Our leisure socks are designed for a day or night out with friends. These socks are made of cooling yarn and have moisture-wicking properties, so they-ll keep the feet cool for hours on end. We also have relaxing socks that are ideally worn when you just want to chill at home. Finally, we have standing and sitting socks. Designed to be worn in the workplace, these make use of compression to keep the blood flowing and prevent the negative health effects of sitting or standing too long.

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Dressy, over-the-calf socks are a wardrobe staple. They complement more traditional attires for the workplace or for social events, so it-s important to choose the right pair when shopping. In particular, over-the-calf socks are meant to be worn in any remotely dressy occasion that requires dress shoes. Burlix dress socks are designed to keep the wearer comfortable even after hours of wear. And because they-re designed not to twist, sag, or bunch, they-ll keep you looking smart throughout the day or night.

It-s easy to pair Burlix over-the-calf socks with a white-tie, black-tie, business, or business-casual attire. Our dress socks are in solid neutral colors and classic patterns, a design choice that highlights the wearer-s impeccable style and eye for detail. Aside from their subtle appeal, Burlix dress socks offer superior comfort and quality. What-s more, they-re made in the USA using top-of-the-line close-toed machines that reduce yarn waste from production. They-re sure to keep you feeling and looking good!

Customers within the continental USA can opt for a next-day, 2-day, or standard delivery. Our company also ships to Hawaii and Alaska. In addition to dress socks, Burlix also offer socks specifically for leisure, moving, relaxing, sitting, and standing. Check out our collections today, find a pair that will suit your style, and make sure you-re ready for any event.