Stuck on a plane? Or sitting at the computer too long? Keep things moving with these socks, specially designed to enhance blood flow for increased circulation.

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Sitting for hours on end can have detrimental effects on the body. However, it-s difficult to get out of a sedentary routine when your job or lifestyle requires a lot of sitting. To help avoid the negative effects of inactivity, poor posture, and excessive sitting, you need to form healthy habits and use practical tools like an ergonomic desk setup. Another thing you need is a sock made specifically for sitting.

Burlix sitting socks are made for people who need to sit for long periods. They-re perfect for people are working a desk job and those who frequently take long flights and go on long drives. Sitting socks offer just the right level of compression, ensuring proper blood flow to your legs. What-s more, they look good while serving their purpose. Burlix sitting socks are available in classic and fun patterns as well as solid colors, so you can mix and match them with your office attire.

It-s never too early to start caring for your health. Purchase your own pair of sitting socks from our website today. Burlix delivers to customers in the contiguous US as well as in Alaska and Hawaii. We offer next-day, 2-day, and standard shipping. Browse our selection of sitting socks today!