Made In USA

Made in the USA: Social & Environmental Responsibility

We’re proud to say 100% of our socks are made in the USA. As a company, we’re dedicated to maximizing production and jobs in the USA.

We take our social responsibility seriously:

American jobs – We have 3 manufacturing facilities in North Carolina with over 1,000 employees. This is our way of keeping jobs at home, where we need them.

Reduced Waste from Manufacturing - All BURLIX socks are manufactured using top of the line closed-toe machines which not only provide superior quality and comfort, but also reduce yarn waste from production, a great step toward eliminating landfills.

Lower Carbon Footprint – In recent years, we’ve found ways to save trees, conserve water and reduce energy consumption in our domestic manufacturing plants by 45% (1). Plus, goods made overseas have a higher carbon footprint than US-made products. By manufacturing here, we eliminate all the shipping. That means less fossil fuel burned and less greenhouse gases produced.

Eco-friendly – We’ve pioneered a number of green packaging and product initiatives. We created smaller, minimal packaging and use vegetable based inks. Recycling continues to be a huge priority for us and we engineered our Relax sock collection to feature Repreve, recycled yarn made from recycled water bottles.

A stronger economy – The benefits of American-made goods reach far beyond the workers who make them. It touches the American factories, construction firms, accounting firms, energy suppliers and every other business utilized by a prosperous manufacturer.

(1) This is based on energy consumption by square foot from 2008-2017.
Behind the scenes of the BURLIX brand in production.
The BURLIX brand is proudly made in the USA.