A good pair of socks is a must-have if you want to keep your feet comfortable while you-re taking on challenging physical activity. Burlix moving mid-calf boot socks go beyond supporting your feet; they also help boost your stamina and ensure that you-re looking great while you-re giving it your best shot.

Burlix mid-calf boot socks are the perfect companion regardless if you-re trekking uphill or taking a leisurely stroll in a park. Using the wearer-s body heat, the socks help optimize stamina and energy. But don-t think for a moment that wearing them will make your feet warm and wet; these socks are made of cooling yarn, have a breathable mesh, and have excellent moisture-wicking properties—they-ll keep your feet cool and dry. The socks are also lightweight and will stay up, so you won-t have to think about them after you-ve put them on. Plus, they have antimicrobial properties and are odor-resistant, so you-ll stay fresh even after you-re done with your exercise.

Support your active lifestyle by using high-quality, 100% US-made socks that are designed for your specific needs. Order your Burlix moving mid-calf boot socks online and get the package in just 3 days if it-s in stock. We offer standard, 2-day, and next day shipping within the continental US, and we also ship to Alaska and Hawaii. You can also check out our collection of dress, standing, sitting, leisure, and relax socks.